Abstract digital art created on iPad

abstract contemporary digital art in Procreate

Digital abstract painting

Painted in Procreate. March 2023

This is an example of digital abstract art, created in Procreate on an iPad using an Apple Pencil.

The brushes in software such as Procreate and Adobe Fresco are getting better all the time, allowing for much more spontaneous and expressive work than was ever possible in the past. The expressiveness of the medium is now such that I think that the results can legitimately be classed as paintings rather than just digital art.

Mural – semi-abstract wall figures

contemporary art mural

Mural (proposal).

Photomontage. December 2023

A proposal for a mural applied directly to an art gallery wall.

I’ve been experimenting with subjects that are suitable for murals on gallery walls for several years.

The proposed mural is of a group of semiabstract figures with linked hands. The anatomy of the figures is ambiguous. Are the circular objects at the top of the figures their heads, or are those some form of decoration? Are the large white circles eyes, and are the various indentations mouths?

Abstract acrylic painting

modernist contemporary art acrylic painting

Abstract acrylic painting.

Acrylic on watercolour paper. 30x20cm. 2022.

An abstract painting composed of black lines and areas of colour.
The framework of black acrylic lines was painted first, quite quickly and spontaneously. The coloured areas were added to this superstructure later after experimenting with their positions.

Abstract acrylic painting: linear and curved forms

Abstract contemporary art - acrylic black and white based painting

Linear and curved forms

Acrylic, paper, collage.    35 x 25cm.    2022.

A painting from a series of abstract acrylic artworks featuring strongly linear black forms interacting with curving coloured forms.
Although the black linear elements in the painting are abstract their composition give the impression of a living entity such as an animal or a person – an effect that is heightened by the coloured curving forms, some of which hint at anatomical features such as eyes or ears.

Rorschach mask

Contemporary art - Rorschach mask

Rorschach Mask

Watercolour, acrylic, paper, collage.    30cm x 21cm.    2021.

A watercolour Rorschach pattern, or inkblot test pattern, with a panel of stripes in acrylic collaged onto it, giving the impression of a mask.
The type of watercolour paint used to create the Rorschach diagram (Daniel Smith lunar black) creates a particularly intricate and textured inkblot pattern.

Below, the image framed.

Rorschach test in contemporary art

Painting of linear and curved forms – acrylic on paper

Contemporary artwork - abstract acrylic painting, black and white based

Linear and curved forms

Acrylic, paper, collage.    35x25cm.    2022.

An abstract acrylic painting featuring a strongly linear black form overlaid by curving coloured forms (some of which are collage while others are painted directly onto the paper).
Although the black linear elements are abstract they convey the impression of a dynamic animal form. This is heightened by the coloured curving forms, some of which hint at eyes or of other anatomical features.

Perception-challenging artwork

Perception challenging contemporary artwork

Shapes at the edge of perception

Papier mache, acrylic, card.    30x21cm.    2021.

A wall hung artwork in which a matte black hemisphere protrudes from a flat matte black surface. Due to the darkness of the surface the protruding hemisphere is quite hard to see (although in this photograph it is lit in a way that makes it reasonably visible). Even less obvious than the protruding hemisphere, the matte black circle at the centre of the metallic area is actually a hemispherical indentation. This indentation is very rarely noticed by observers.
The work is an investigation into perception, optical illusions and expectation.