• Stone eye: surrealist sketch

    contemporary surrealism - giant stone eye

    Stone eye

    Ink, gouache, digital. July 2018

    A surrealist sketch of a gigantic stone eye resting on the ground. A mysterious pipe-like cylinder extends upwards from the eye. A similar eye in the distance shows the pipe-like structure extending unfeasibly high into the air.
    The image is almost definitely influenced by surrealist art, including the surrealism of Max Ernst and Rene Magritte.

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  • Sketch from the imagination – dancing teapots

    surreal sketch from the imagination – teapots

    Sketch from the imagination – dancing teapots.

    Ink and watercolour on paper. 7x9cm. April, 2018

    I like to sit down with a sketchbook every so often and draw whatever comes into my head. Surreal objects with bird-like features are a recurring theme. These slightly surreal dancing teapots are a good example.

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  • Carnivorous shoes with teeth

    surrealist shoes with mouths and teeth

    Carnivorous shoes with teeth

    January 2017

    A study for a surreal work composed of a pair of shoes with mouths and teeth. The teeth in this study were added digitally.
    These particular shoes were chosen partly because the holes at the toe end of the shoes give the impression of eyes.
    An unsettling aspect of this concept is that it is normal for a person to put their feet into shoes – however these shoes look as though they would devour anything that was placed in their ‘mouths’. They are almost lying in wait for feet to be placed inside them.
    This work may be interpreted as being a metaphor for the manner in which consumerism devours people (especially via the connsumerism of clothing and fashion).
    I thought of the concept of carnivorous shoes that devour their wearer many years ago and drew it as a sketch. It’s currently misplaced in my studio so I’m not sure of the year.

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  • Drawing Machine – a barograph repurposed for the purposes of art

    Dada or surrealist sculpture - a barograph creating an automatic drawing

    Drawing machine.

    Study for a proposed sculpture. Photograph of a barograph, digital manipulation. January 2017

    A photograph of a barograph digitally altered so that the arm of the barograph appears to be creating a fine pen and ink drawing of a landscape.
    A barograph normally draws a graph recording air pressure over the course of time on a sheet of graph paper attached to a rotating drum.
    This barograph is in the spirit of surrealism and dada – it is a scientific instrument appropriated for the purposes of art (In C P Snow’s two cultures thesis this would possibly count as cultural appropriation).

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