Steel Eye – reflections in a sphere

steel sphere sculpture - reflections in a sphere

Steel Eye

Steel ball on ink sketch. 13x13x2cm. August 2018

A study of reflections in a sphere.
A steel ball placed on a sketch pad in the centre of a radiating vein-like pattern. The reflections in the sphere give the effect of an eye-like form.
The work can be thought of as a study for a floor-based sculpture with a large steel sphere placed on a floor onto which the radiating vein-like lines are applied. It works very well at a small scale however, with the steel ball approximately the same size as a human eye. The intimate size of the small version makes this version quite unsettling, while a larger version would possibly be less unsettling but more visually intriguing (because the reflections in the ball wouldn’t invoke so precisely a human eye).
The initial concept came to me while working on a different project involving a steel ball (but not reflections) on a sheet of paper. I noticed that the reflection of the white paper and the room on the ball gave the impression of the white of an eye and the iris of the eye.

sculpture - reflections in a sphere creating eyeball effect
A close-up of the steel sphere, showing the reflection from the side
spherical reflection sculpture - steel sphere creating eyeball
The sketch on the sketchpad, with the steel ball reflecting the pad and the room