Spontaneous watercolour sketch from the subconscious

Contemporary art from the unconscious - spontaneous watercolour painting

Watercolour sketch from the subconscious

Watercolour, gouache and ink on paper, with collage. 2017

This painting was an exercise in creating something from the subconscious without any preconceived idea about what I was about to create.
It turns out to be a slightly sinister landscape, in the centre of which there is something that may or may not be a living entity. Early on in the development of this sketch this object looked more like a strangely shaped rock, but the addition of colour to it removed it from the rest of the landscape and turned it into something separate from the landscape. The blue dot in the image, which is a collaged circle of coloured paper, gives the possibly living entity an air of sentience, as it seems to be contemplating a strange sun or moon in the sky.