Proposal for environmental contemporary art: Tree of Life

contemporary art environment tree of life

Environmental contemporary art proposal: Tree of Life

Proposal for a mural. Image drawn: 2008

A proposal for a mural on a gallery wall based on a drawing of the Tree of Life that I created in 2008 as a pen and ink drawing.

The concept reflects my interest in environmental issues. I drew my first environmental images in the early 1970s.

The concept behind the image is that the Tree of Life, or perhaps more specifically the Tree of Evolution, has at the top of its highest branch a human being, signifying that within this concept the human being is the highest or most evolved form of life on the planet.

The concept is twisted however by the fact that in the image the human being, due to his elevated vantage point, can destroy the rest of life on earth as a direct result of his evolutionary position, with his highly evolved intelligence making him capable of designing and manufacturing guns). The Tree of Life becomes the Tree of Death.