A selection of cartoons

I’ve been drawing and publishing cartoons since the late 1970s, on subjects such as the environment, politics, the arts, science, philosophy and current events.

They have been published in the Guardian, Private Eye, The Spectator, Prospect, Philosophy Now, BBC Focus, Chemistry World and New Scientist among others.

Below is a small selection of my cartoons.

Cartoons about art

Sculpture cartoon -  self portrait in infinite regression
Contemporary art humour - Andy Warhol soup tins cartoon
Sculpture cartoon – the human condition
Contemporary art humour cartoon
Malovich black square cartoon
Artist's muse cartoon
Photography in art galleries cartoon
Rodin Thinker cartoon

Cartoons about the environment.

pollution cartoon
tree of life cartoon

waste land builders skip boat - cartoon

deforestation cartoon

water wars cartoon

Other cartoons

Domino effect cartoon
queue cartoon