Abstract animated videos

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Ionn - abstract moving image contemporary art

Electrom - generative animation

Spyk - abstract moving image contemporary art

48 interacting disks - moving image contemporary art

48 interacting disks - moving image contemporary art

A brief introduction to the artworks

A series of abstract moving image artworks exploring the generation of complex forms from simple forms.

Most of these works are composed of two or more superimposed arrays of geometrical forms or grids of lines rotating relative to each other and interacting in specific ways, such as by cancelling each other out or by reinforcing each other. The interacting forms are often identical and very simple in structure, however the patterns generated by the interactions are sometimes extremely complex, fascinating and hypnotic.

The early works in the series were specifically created as a metaphor for the cosmological concept of the generation of complex forms within a universe that at its most basic level is incredibly simple - making the works a link between contemporary art and the science (Cick the button below for more information).

The intricacy within some of the works is too fine to be resolved on small screens. The panel below shows an enlarged detail from a still image from a work to show the degree of complexity present in some of the images.

A video from the series was exhibited at the London Group Open in November 2017. Another of the videos was exhibited in the National Open Art Exhibition 2016 at Mercers Hall, City of London, and another was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, 2016.