The Human Body as an Alien Lifeform – contemporary moving image art


This is an early version of a project that I’m working on: it shows a video of a hand in which the video is flipped as a mirror image in order to create a strikingly bizarre image resembling an alien creature.
The video is an attempt to highlight the way that even the things that we treat as totally normal and mundane are in fact full of strangeness and wonder.
In the video I’ve used the simple technique of mirroring something as a way of removing it from its normal context. Thus I’ve made something that is as familiar to us as our own hands (which are rarely outside our field of vision) look disconcertingly alien and other-worldly, like something we’ve never seen before. Who’d have thought that you had such things stuck on the ends of your arms? It’s all a bit disconcerting really.

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