Milk bottle heads – sculpture from recycled rubbish

Contemporary art - sculpture from recycled rubbish or junk - milk bottle heads

Milk bottle heads
Plastic milk bottles, ink. September 2018

Plastic milk bottles with human heads drawn onto them.
These heads are an example of art created from rubbish. Their recycled nature is partly an observation on our throw-away consumer culture.
The bottles are surprisingly head-shaped, reminding me somewhat of various non-Western forms of sculpture. I particularly like the way that the milk bottle handles make very interesting and bizarre noses.
I’m in the process of making several dozen of them, as their impact is increased as their numbers increase.

Disembodied Hands – near St Ives, Cornwall

Contemporary art - disembodied toy hands on a rock near St Ives

Plastic hands, granite rock, Cornwall. Each hand, 7cm. October 2018

A pair of toy plastic hands positioned on a granite rock.
The hands give an unsettling feeling about the presence of the rest of the person to whom the hands belong. It’s almost as though the rest of the person is there, but in a ghost-like, invisible form.
It is in some ways a piece of art about presence and absence.
The work was created near St Ives, Cornwall.

Contemporary art, Cornwall - dismembered toy hands on a rock
A closer view of the hands

Last Cigarette – a surreal found object sculpture.

Surrealist contemporary art - shoe last smoking cigarette

Last Cigarette
Shoe last, cigarette, lamp base. May 2018

A shoe last mounted on a lamp stand and with a cigarette inserted into the circular hole in the last that is designed to accommodate a handle.

The sculpture utilises the human tendency to pareidolia, the interpretation of shapes as human faces, to create a surreal head.

Umbrella Cone

contemporary art drawing - surreal umbrella

Umbrella Cone
Ink drawing with digital colour. June 2017

A sketch of an umbrella protruding from the top of a cone.
This sketch combines my interest in umbrellas with my interest in vaguely geometric forms in the landscape.
The stone-like objects (which may be organic) with points or spikes protruding from them add a further surreal component.
The reversed signature shows that I’ve flipped the original image round, which I do quite frequently in order to evaluate the composition of images. I obviously decided to leave this one reversed.

Drawing Machine – a barograph repurposed for the purposes of art

Dada or surrealist sculpture - a barograph creating a drawing

Drawing machine. Barograph, ink. January 2017

A work composed of a barograph, the arm of which is creating a fine pen and ink drawing of a landscape.
A barograph normally draws a graph recording air pressure over the course of time on a sheet of graph paper attached to a rotating drum.
This barograph is in the spirit of surrealism and dada – it is a scientific instrument appropriated for the purposes of art (In C P Snow’s two cultures thesis this would count as cultural appropriation).