Environmental art with coloured plastic cord, Rosemorran

contemporary art in the environment - intervention in the landscape, St Ives, Cornwall

Coloured cord hanging from a tree, Rosemorran, Zennor, Cornwall. 2017

The simplicity of construction of this piece is important.

A lot of land art and other art in the environment strives to use only natural ingredients in the composition of the art. This work however consciously uses artificial material in the form of a length of brightly coloured plastic nylon cord.

The cord is draped over the branch of a tree and is pulled tight downwards to create two perfectly straight lines.
The work is meant to create slightly confused emotions in the observer. In the relative darkness of the woodland setting the cord stands out as a source of brightness. The two parallel lines are aesthetically pleasing amongst the shapes of the branches and leaves.
However, the cord is bright because it’s plastic, and the straight lines of the cord are a reference to humanity’s need to impose order on nature.
This work was created at the same time as most of the other paracord works on this site.